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Leadership and Team Building in Times of Change

Navigating Your Team through Rough and Calm Waters

It’s not innovation, finances or strategy. It’s teamwork that will give you and your business the advantage. Why? Because excellent teamwork is so unbelievably rare. When we have it, we achieve with joy and purpose. When we don’t, shards of anger, envy and mistrust destroy our work.

In this workshop, Adam shares strategies for you to lead your teams to greatness. Great teammates communicate effortlessly. They pick slack up without any form of malice or expectation of future payback because they know the action is reciprocated. The result? Success, satisfaction and high spirits.

But then there’s that pesky thing called change. Markets change. Business strategies changes. A technology disrupts your industry. You get new personnel or new management. Family is no different. You get a new child. You get divorced. You get married.

Adam has served on teams in diverse situations, from recourse extraction in Canada’s North, to racing shells in European rivers, from journalism in world cities to board rooms in Toronto and Vancouver Island, not to mention being one of a four-man team who took a little row boat across the Atlantic Ocean. He has seen some of the best team and leaders of teams operate and wants to share these secrets with you.

This workshop is geared towards leaders and managers of teams who want more skills to manage times of stress and change. Some of the topics explored are:

  • Building a development bias within your team and empower intrinsic motivation
  • Dealing with unmotivated team members
  • Defining the higher goal
  • Building trust
  • Understanding personalities more effectively through the DISC methodology
  • Uncovering shared wins
  • Non-violent communication techniques
  • Heart & Head listening
  • Listen first, speak second
  • Change Model: Monk, Athlete, Coach, Philosophy King
  • Change Model: Rock, Resist, Responsibility
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Debate ideas, not people
  • Ensuring psychological safety

At the end of this workshop, members leave with a set of communication tools and management techniques. They are emboldened to lead their teams by example. Members will have participated in interactive exercises where Olympic rowing and adventure is used as a metaphor for building effective teams.