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Inches: Small Steps to Help You Achieve Your Next Gold Medal Moment

Small actions add up to accomplish great things. We all know this but we don’t always act upon it. That’s why I have designed this workshop. To give you a nudge, a tap or a gentle push in a positive direction. A good reframing of the tried and true recipe for success. What is that recipe?

  1. Dream as big as you can
  2. Act as small as you can
  3. Work as hard as you can
  4. Recover smartly
  5. Repeat

Adam believes most of us know this recipe but we often get caught up in the whirlwind of life. We stumble in our execution and application. We get impatient, frustrated, anxious, depressed. Moreover, we are inundated with manic-depressive messages that encourage us to achieve a four-hour work week, or hustle for 18 hours a day.

So, what’s your next gold medal moment? What’s your next big thing? Hard work alone won’t get you there. You’ll get stuck. In this presentation, Adam shares with you the lessons he has learned from the trenches of Olympic sport, adventure and building a small-medium enterprise business. It hasn’t been easy. He’ll also share with you the concepts and tools that have worked for him. They’ve worked for others. Maybe they will work for you too?

Now, start things small. Think really small. What’s the next smallest action you can take?

In this workshop we will explore the following inches:

  • What’s your next gold medal moment?
  • Where are you on you on your hero’s journey?
  • How to change your mindset when you get stuck
  • How to make better decisions
  • You know about SMART goals but do you know about CLEAR goals?
  • Overcoming your fear of failure
  • Riding the highs and lows of career and family with Performance Energy Theory
  • How setting Cluster Goals makes you more resilient
  • What is a Growth Mindset and how can I be more growth oriented?
  • Key ways to be more professional
  • Strategies to let go to shame and guilt

At the end of the workshop, members will come away with a clearer picture of their biggest goals and receive a card asking them “What’s your next gold medal moment?” Members will have the opportunity to reframe their goals and challenges in a few different ways and find a lens that works for them. They will be reminded of what truly matters and find perspective on their life journey and current professional journey.