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Be an Executive Olympian

High-performance Tools for a Stressed Out and Off-balance Workforce

The best Olympians and the best executives know that there is only one thing more important than focused and persistent hard work. What is it?

Recovery. The best will recover as hard as they work. The best figure out what works for their body and their physiological conditions. Then they exploit that knowledge. If you can recover quicker and more completely than your competition, you will be happier and get more done.

In this workshop, the focus is on your physical, mental and spiritual states so you can return to work and family with passion, drive and vigour. Take enough time to exercise sleep and eat properly and you will create more time for the things that matter.

In this workshop, Adam Kreek shares with you his secrets on balance, stress management and self-care. Some of the things the workshop will include are:

  • Stress management strategies for success
  • Diet drilldown and nutrition insights
  • Supplementation for success
  • Sleep habits
  • Adventure therapy
  • Insights into fitness and sleep tracking
  • Simple workouts you can do anywhere
  • The power of group exercise
  • Meditation techniques
  • How to master the first hour

Throughout this workshop, attendees can expect to be very active and therefore should show up in comfortable clothing and be ready to move! Adam will run a workout with workshop attendees and/or teach them exercises they can do on the fly. At the end of the workshop, members will leave with a clearer picture of how their physical health affects their effectiveness in the professional world.