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The science of behaviour change is clear: multiple interactions compound the positive impacts of a new idea or shift in culture. Meetings, conferences and retreats offer a perfect setting to reinforce goals and desired behavioural shifts at multiple intervals throughout the day.

Adam crafts custom workshops for teams of every size, large or small, and in half-day, full-day or multi-day formats.



Just like you, Adam is a leader in the trenches. He directs two organizations, leading staff and executives to deliver. Everything Adam teaches, he has first implemented and experimented with within his own teams. As a Management Consultant, Adam holds a breadth of experience building cultures of excellence in organizations across sectors.

Workshop and retreats are focused on three broad topic areas. The first is personal growth and development. The second is team building, trust, accountability and shared leadership. The final theme is physical health, mental well-being and stress management – all paramount to sustained performance.




Book a custom-designed workshop to compliment your keynote, or a stand-alone offering to enhance and reinforce your meeting goals.

Workshops are designed through a lens of personal experience, research and development that our team has accrued over a decade of consulting businesses across North America and Europe. Depending on the goals of your organization, we craft workshop activities that are reflective, interactive and empowering. Participants leave with fresh ideas and solutions to implement immediately. At KBS we believe that audiences must be engaged and involved to obtain top results from our workshops. It is not enough to tell, or teach. We aim to facilitate transformational adult learning.




At executive retreats, Adam gets people moving. We know that the best epiphanies come during a walk, or in an unplanned conversation. We create environments to stimulate these moments; we walk between sessions, eat nourishing food and have fun. Whenever possible, Adam takes teams out on the water for a unique rowing and team building experience. Hosted in Victoria, BC, or at a location of your choice, expect to engage in constructive dialogue, reflection and debate.

But don’t be fooled. You will be working on business objectives from the time you wake up, until the time you go to bed. KBS retreats are an immersion experience, and we work hard to ensure your team stays focused on business-building objectives.

KreekSpeak workshops and retreats will help your group:

  • Solidify and clarify team values
  • Determine shared, long-term stretch goals
  • Develop effective ways to work together
  • Get to know one another as individuals beyond the workplace
  • Learn ways to streamline efficiencies and set new goals
  • Get the most out of daily efforts
  • Experiment with new ways of communicating
  • Adopt new strategies to overcome perceived obstacles
  • Establish effective habits
  • Expand team members professional skills
  • Take a step back for a moment, to calm, relax and enjoy
  • Shake up what would have been ‘just another day at the office’

Please Contact us to learn about our keynotes, and most popular Power Trio offering: our Free Conference Fitness Program, paired with a custom keynote, followed by a 90 minute tailored workshop, instilling tools and techniques to reach desired event outcomes and lasting behaviour change.