What’s your next Gold Medal Moment?

Adam Kreek gold medal moment

What’s your next Gold Medal Moment?  What is that thing you want that is so huge that it scares you? I was scared to set the goal of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. Telling too many people about a ginormous goal can create a crippling level of pressure and expectations.  

What strategy worked for me? I set the goal of winning Olympic Gold, but I kept the big goal secret. I kept the idea close to my heart. My main focus was to give 100% commitment to the next most obvious action. I spoke about that. How could I give a little bit more to each practice session, each recovery session, each technical review session?  When you tell lots of people about your small, process goals, you stay committed and accountable to the steps necessary for achievement.

Edwin Locke has spent his lifetime studying the science of goal setting.  If you’re motivated enough to read his academic tome, order the textbook that he wrote with Gary Latham titled “New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance.”

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