What shared values can do for your organisation

Take a moment to think about the following two questions:
  • What happens when an organization defines itself by its products and results, instead of its underlying competencies and values?
  • What happens when an organization defines itself by its core values and competencies?

Values are the rules and behaviours that we use to interact with one another. Values are a filter that we use to make decisions. Values are difficult to change and are at the centre of our being. Values define the culture of our organization. Values, at the core, drive results.

When we align our values with our skills and talents, we find purpose.  Purposeful activities drive us. They increase our energy. They push us into flow.

Set objectives that increase your sense of purpose, and boost energy and flow within your entire organization. Then, re-commit and strive to continually meet those objectives.

Navigation Metaphor

When you are navigating a boat or flying a plane, do you point directly at the destination?  No.  Inevitably, wind, currents and pressure push you off course.  What is the solution?  We must aim higher.  We must set our course for something higher than our desired result.

This metaphor applies to our values because we are all human.

Our human-ness means that we can sometimes slip from living our ideal selves. Our human-ness means that we may at times act in ways that do not demonstrate our core values. Our human nature is why we have taken the time to define our shared values: To ensure that the 8-10 hours we spend every day working for an organization can feed deeper human needs within all of us. We can be better humans, and connect with a greater purpose if we strive to live our values.  We need to continually revisit the emotions, feelings and ideas that these values generate from our core being.

Who wouldn’t want to work within an organization that is respectful, open and always getting better?

Final Questions

What are your core values?
Do they fit within your organization?

Kreek is a Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest. 

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