Train for Energy

What a thrill to chat with Brad Wilson about keeping the energy high, the dangers of drinking absinthe in the Alps, and how a strong body builds a strong mind.

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Keep inching!

Adam Kreek : How to Train for Energy Like an Olympic Champion

Show Notes:

0:20 – I heard that you have an authentic cowbell from the Swiss Alps … can you tell me how you managed to get the cowbell?

10:25 – Adam’s guilt for letting down his team and feeling hyper-restricted by the high performance environment.

13:40 – The turning point in Adam’s Olympic aspirations.

15:25 – Dealing with a crushing defeat at the Athen’s Olympics after winning the world championships.

17:05 – What was different about the Beijing Olympics that allowed you to come away with the gold?

20:00 – Could you tell me a few of the advantages of having a world-class coach in your life and, secondly, how do you use and apply those lessons you learned in your life today?

24:05 – What’s something related to training that you used to strongly believe but you’ve recently changed your mind and what led to that change?

26:15 – How do you train in your daily life for energy?

29:20 – How do you keep yourself accountable when you’re on the road, in hotels, away from your circle of people?

33:38 – One concept that you talked about in your book is using the energy of stress in a positive way. Could you tell me more about that?

34:25 – The nerves and energy Adam felt before giving his TedTalk.

35:15 – Using deep breaths to do amazing things.

35:42 – Breaking down a state of flow.

36:25 – If somebody wants to breathe deeper and incorporate that habit into their life as a daily practice, what would you suggest very specifically they do?

38:20 – What’s something related to performance that people waste a lot of time on that doesn’t give them a lot of results?

40:15 – What software do you use on a daily basis to make your life easier?

41:55 – What does your daily food and supplement intake look like?

43:15 – What the determination as to those extra supplements?

44:48 – What does your evening routine look like?

47:00 – So you’ve touched on the kids. How do you maintain your daily routines, your daily stuff, keep up your output with the kids running around causing chaos?

50:05 Are you a rabid fan of any blogs or resources online and, if so, which ones specifically?

50:52 – Are there any books that you re-read every few years and, if so, which ones?

51:45 – If there’s one truth that you could help my listener’s understand about life, what would it be?

52:25 – What are some resources on suffering that they could look up?

53:50 – Where can my audience find you on the interwebs?