The Key to Success in a Disruptive Marketplace? A Powerhouse Team

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With the NBA season ready to kick into gear, I thought that I would post a quote from one of the sport’s most successful coaches.

It’s no surprise that Phil Jackson delivered the above quote on teamwork. By ensuring a culture of engagement, Phil found regular and repeated success as a player, coach and executive. In his book Eleven Rings, Jackson said, “What I’ve learned over the years is that the most effective approach is to delegate authority as much as possible and to nurture everyone else’s leadership skills as well. When I’m able to do that, it not only builds team unity and allows others to grow but also, paradoxically, strengthens my role as leader… The key to sustained success is to keep growing as a team.”
In a world where companies like Uber, Tesla and AirBnB are disrupting current business models, we need to build resilient organizations. We need to sustain our success. The #1 contributor to resilience? Strong teams and effective teamwork. By focusing on team engagement and building effective team culture we build organizations that sustain the inevitable and changing challenges of a crowded and competitive marketplace.

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