Thank you for your encouragement!

Adam and his crew have been flooded with support from across North America.  Thank you for following the epic journey and for all your encouragement!

Daniel Steenkamp: Guys I am planning n simmilar excursion 2015/16 in the

south atlantic. I think what you are doing is amazing! Looking forward on

your comments and experiences. The team assisting me on the physical side

here in Potchefstroom, South Africa, doen’t quite understand the

performance windows yet. They are use to track and impact sports athletes.

When I told then 40-60 days performance windows…that is just not in their

frame reference:-)))))))..this will be fun!!! enjoy!!


Hi guys, The students at SmoothRockFalls Public School have enjoyed looking

at all the pictures on Facebook and your website. The students really like

all the creatures you have been seeing and catching. They ask if you eat

any of them besides the flying fish? We have set up an Ocean Challenge 7000

where we are walking 7000 laps in our gym to support your row. We have a

chart and at this moment we are ahead of you due to “extreme cold” -35/-40C

snowdays and so indoor recess we walk more. If our weather warms up and

your waves slow down we should cross at the same time. Some of the students

were concerned about the shins and callused hands. They wondered why you do

not wear gloves? Some others wondered what do you do with your time when

you are at anchor? We wish you all the best with this expeditions and look

forward to more great reports and pictures along the way. May the wind and

waves be in your favour. Cheers, Deb Sheehan (I already answered her for

you guys… but you’re welcome to audio blog it if you want -greg)


I’m looking forward to sharing your journey with my class. We’ve been

studying maps and directions and I’m sure they would be so interested in

how you navigate on the water. Although I teach primary students(grade2/3)

I am hoping that they will be able to draw lots of information from your

website and pictures. Good luck, I’ve been in a small boat on the ocean in

Scotland twice and I had such bad seasickness I wanted to jump overboard! I

am in awe of you all.

Take care of yourselves. -Sue Norrie


Robert Hayward: We saw a good piece on your venture on BC TV today. We’re

pulling for you, and wish you the best of luck.


Currie Russel: Hello there folks in the middle of the Atlantic! I saw your

story on CBC News tonight. Greetings from Waterloo, Ontario!


Hi there just seen your profile on the CBC. I will be following, I was not

much into the sport of rowing until my son toolkit up 4 years ago, but many

an early morning, and weekends at the Henly,and few trips to Head of the

Charles in Boston has me hooked. Good luck to you guys -S. brown


Jim Hardy: Just saw you on the cbc national and I look forward reading

about your adventure. You are a very brave group and I wish you a safe



John Van Staveren: Sitting here in Weyburn Saskatchewan in the middle of a

winter storm. Here in middle of the prairies we are far from the ocean.

Just watched the CBC National news and watched the story of some crazy guys

rowing a boat . WOW what an adventure you must be having . I hope you guys

get good weather . I wish you all the best. I cannot believe what it must

be like to be in your boat and not see land . Good luck.


Chewidude C: Hang in there guys, you guys are my inspiration. Good luck.


Hey! My buddy and I are here and we just wanted to wish you guys well on

the high seas! (high ocean?) anyhow… our university is on strike at the

moment so we’ve decided to engage ourselves in this manner instead. First,

we want to know if out on the ocean you guys are experiencing winter like

we are… (it’s cold here in Antigonish, Nova Scotia) Second, what do you

plan to do if there’s a storm? Also… which experiments are you guys

conducting? If you’re conducting several… just tell us about the coolest

ones you’re doing. Good luck and be safe out there! Have fun! -Renee and

Frederick (again, already replied for you)


Louise Harris: Flying fish are delicious.


Carol Carson: Just saw the news story about your expedition on CBC and

wanted to wish you well. I’m a retired teacher. My grandfather (never met

him as he died before I was born) was a Newfoundland fisherman with a

schooner called “The Nelson”. I blogged about his story here. I’ll be

following you on twitter and reading your blog (for my own education).

Thank you for your sense of adventure and for your commitment to the

preservation of our planet and the wildlife in it. (I once swam with a

beluga whale (a lifetime highlight) and blogged about that here Again, my

very best to all of you!


Julien Matteau: Hey guys, I just saw your feature on CBC’s The National.

Your doing incredible things for the sport but also for our planet and I

hope you have a safe journey! Keep it up! -Julien Matteau, Burlington,



Lloyd Charney: I just heard about your expedition from CBC tv while living

in Mazatlan Mexico for 6 months. A world of communication. I live in BC

Canada. Do you fish in order to supplement your food? How do you stay warm

and out of the weather? Do you think early man crossed the ocean from where

you started in order to settle in America before 15000 BC??. Most

scientists conclude early man crossed over from the Arctic but I think he

might also have sailed from Africa. As you know Florida had a million or

more people in the area when de Soto first arrived and the Amazon and Peru

were well established so maybe there was also a water path to America. Hope

to hear from you. Keep up your spirits and stay dry. -Lloyd (I answered

him, you can too if you want)


Ron Realtor: WOW! I just saw your gutsy adventure on the high seas on CBC

TV and commend you on your bravery to accomplish such an enduring task. I

hope the entertainment and food on your cruise meets with the standard 5

star endorsement on an Atlantic crossing. lol I am looking forward to

seeing your continued progress on the web. May God bless and protect

you. Vancouver



Hi guys, I just saw the report on your great adventure on the CBC National

News. Wow! What an adventure you’re on. What I wouldn’t give to be with

you. But I’m afraid at my mid-seventies age I wouldn’t be much use. My mind

boggles at the hi-tech gadgetry you have aboard to do your experiments and

communicate with all us stay-at-homes. But the important question is: Can

you get and watch your favourite NHL teams. After all, setting out in the

winter might otherwise cut you off from much of what is really important!!! A

last question: Do you get any clear weather? After all Chris Hatfield is

passing over us several time a day, and if you knew where to look you might

see the Space Station. Two adventurous undertakings able to see something

of the other, would add an interesting side light to your blogging!! Anyway,

if you’ve read this far in my blathering, you obviously don’t have enough

to do! Bon voyage and smooth sailing (rowing). My best wishes to you, Peter

Botham, Kamloops (answered him in my voice, so you can too if you want)


Daniel Poggi: Hi guys. I don’t know what I can say other than others have

already said. I saw the story on the National. What an incredible

adventure. I can’t quite imagine what you’re going to experience. That

said, I’ll be following your every bobble. Have a great trip. Best

regards. Daniel


Tom Beazley: Guys, Just seen your adventure on ” The National ” and just

wanted to tell you, not that you need to know, how Incredibly brave you all

are. The middle of the ocean must be a lonely place but rest assure Many,

Many Canadians are with you. Take the good with the bad and let your

courage steer you home. All the best, We will be following you daily. Tom


Delores Brown: Awesome guys !!!!! God be with you on your adventure. Just

wondering if you will be stopping at any Caribbean Islands, namely Barbados.

God Bless, Delores (answered her)


Mark Mc Shane: Very interesting and good luck. May the winds be alaways at

youre back


Betty Traverse: I bet you guys see a beautiful sight and do you see any

other boats or ships around? Take care and god bless 🙂 (answered her)


Nejma Marquet: Joyeuse Saint Valentin aux 4 plus belles et extraordinaires

créatures de l’Atlantique! (Happy Valentine’s Day to the 4 most beautiful

and amazing creatures of the Atlantic!


Russell Flower: I’m a retired guy living outside of Victoria. I’ve done a

lot of boating here on the west coast – sail, power, member of Marine SAR,

etc. Have to admit that I would not be comfortable without “the hard stuff”

in view. Must say I admire you guys for your endeavour & look forward to

updates from CBC and yourselves, if possible. Russ


John Wright: And to think that some believe the age of adventure is long

past! I have to say that you fellows have more balls than a Christmas tree.

You would have to go back to the late 1940s and to Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon

Tiki expedition to observe such a trek. All the best to you. Cheers, John

R. Wright

—> I followed up with him saying that was a kick ass comment and he said: My

wife and I have walked around at high altitudes in Peru but we are not good

water persons. We get nauseous when we at sea. And, I don’t like to be out

of sight of land. So what you fellows are doing is right up there with

Mallory and Sandy Irvine when they attempted to climb Everest in the late

1930s. I am cure you will be successful and so the best of luck to you all.

Cheers, John Wright


Gordon Mason: Hi I sent a message in another part but concerned about the

bow going under when go down one wave and hit a cap over on the next one

and are you strapped in. -Gord (answered him)


Larry Crook: Fabulous adventure and learning site. Thanks for bringing my

family along with you on your journey


Julie Gedeon: Hi Crew: I’m in awe of your curiosity and courage. Safe

journey! I’ll be tracking your progress. – Julie


Ben Lee: Keep it up Fellas – stay brave! The guys at the Ballard Stallion

Station are rooting for you! So proud of you all.


Alice Ann Brook: Reading your blog with anticipation. Prayers for a safe