Journal For Increased Productivity

Do you have a positive journaling habit?

A key habit that can help us sustain high productivity is a short, daily journal based upon the tenets of high-performance and positive psychology.

Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, I discovered the power of regular, structured reflection, and even in the direst, nastiest circumstances, my crew and I were able to find something positive to record.

Now that I’m a management consultant and executive on-the-go, I continue to write in a journal every morning. I’ve found that the top executives I coach also benefit from similar reflective practice. Their management and productivity skills increase markedly. In my practice, I like answering the following five questions:

  1. List three amazing things that happened yesterday
  2. How could I have made yesterday just a little bit better?
  3. Today, I am grateful for:
  4. What would make the rest of today great?
  5. Best self-character traits. Today, I strive to be:

It’s a highly inspiring way to start and finish the day and organised to guide the user through the process painlessly and efficiently.  What’s more, it takes 4-7 minutes to complete.

If you’ve not tried the practice of daily journaling, give it a try. Simply begin with a pen and paper and record your goals for the day in the morning and reflections about your day in the evening. You’ll be surprised at the power of setting intentions and reflecting upon your daily activities. The result? Journalling is found by many to increase productivity, positivity, work and personal life satisfaction and to better relationships of all kinds.

Consider using the 5-minute journal to record your thoughts. I use the 5-minute journal and many executives that I coach have found great benefit in this journal’s ease of use.

Could a structured journaling habit help you grow and stay active?

Kreek is a Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest. 

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