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The Best Presentation I have Seen!

“This was the best presentation of this kind that I have ever seen.  Thank you!”
– General Manager

Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Presentation in 16 years with Pfizer!

“This was my favorite presentation in the 16 years I’ve been with Pfizer. Good choice!!  Thank you for arranging the presentation by Adam. It really touched home for me. I‘ve had a very challenging year personally and his presentation had a huge impact on me. It’s amazing how something or someone can connect so strongly with me and my tough times. Again, thank you.” 

– Sales Professional and Virtual Keynote Attendee

Pfizer Inc.

What Sets Adam Apart

“There is no shortage of speakers available for business coaching.  What sets Adam apart is his genuine, down-to-earth interest in the success of not only corporate goals but personal ones as well.  Adam has provided us with the tools to take large, multi-year goals and then work backwards to make the changes in our everyday lives in order to achieve them.  I would not hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone or group who is looking at understanding what success looks like on their terms and what’s required to achieve it.”

– Financial Advisor

Nicola Wealth Management


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