Adam’s personal story and narrative ingenuity propels audiences to realize their untapped inner excellence. Through powerful teaching, Adam shares practiced and science-based strategies that allow individuals to put their newfound inspiration to work.

Keynotes are offered in lengths of 20 minutes to 3 hours and include a combination of multimedia presentation, audience participation and a Q&A session, as per client requested.  Workshops are offered in 2 hour, ½ day and full day formats.

Adam conducts an extensive pre-event interview to ensure that his story speaks authentically to each unique audience as well as fit within the broader context of conferences and events.  He works closely with his team to craft an authentic message that reinforces the best organizational goals, interests and cultures.


Adam works with Professionals across North America in Corporate, Government and Association realms.

Participants include: Sales Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, Bankers, Real Estate Professionals, Front line workers, Insurance Professionals, Financial Service Teams, Healthcare Professionals, Information Technologists, Educators, Managers, Administrative staff, Small business owners and Entrepreneurs, University and College Students, General Public.


Empowering Engagement Drive and Growth

Creating and Sustaining Peak Performance

Strong Teams, Shared Leadership

Manage Change and Overcome Obstacles

School Visits: Corporate Give-Back or Kreekspeak Add-On

FREE: Conference Fitness Program