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The Responsibility Ethic

As a society, we’ve been oversold the quick fixes. Be the boss now. Lose weight in one week. Get rich tomorrow. We want to believe there’s a secret cheat code, a hack, or a hidden short-cut. When the quick and easy routes fail, we often blame others: it’s the CEO’s fault, our partner’s fault, the client’s fault, the sales team’s fault, the operation team’s fault or even our parent’s fault. The list goes on.

In his engaging, thought-provoking and behaviour changing keynote, Adam shares his principle of The Responsibility Ethic, and teaches the practice of Self-Leadership.  That is, we each can achieve any desired outcome (personal, professional and team) when we recognize our role in the current state of affairs. We must align our vision, plan and behaviour with our goals.

This keynote challenges and heals those who have been told to follow their dreams…but not given the fine print: will require hard work and consistent action.  

Attendees are challenged to find the courage to tell themselves the truth, point the finger inward, and hold personal accountability for their vision, values, goals and actions.  

Dreams transform into results with vision, planning and action.  We alone create our direction and circumstance through our daily focus, choices and actions.

Learning Objectives

  • Skills, tools and strategies for effective self-leadership
  • Successfully craft goals, plans and execution methods to maximize results
  • Increase feelings of control and empowerment, optimize decision making and reduce stress