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The Power of Values

What are values?  What makes the practice of values identification so powerful?  Can values create the foundation of an engaged workforce – and team culture that eats strategy for breakfast?  How is the alignment of values and action essential to individual and organizational success?

We operate in an increasingly competitive, globally diverse economy.  When our organization’s values are unclear and unlived, performance and productivity are sacrificed.  It takes more than a fear of being fired or financial incentives to motivate employees. Without common, identified and actively embraced values, an organization will struggle to thrive.

In his interactive keynote, Adam brings the power of values to life, evoking professional passion and more fulfilling success.  Adam teaches audiences to unearth their personal and professional values, and how to align them directly with action to be more engaged, productive, focused and ultimately effective. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and express your personal and organization’s values effectively
  • Optimize decision making and limit distractions
  • Create sustainable team engagement and powerful organizational culture