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Leading and Executing Your Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is about identifying what’s most important in our lives, explicitly communicating our priorities to our colleagues and our loved ones, and setting definitive boundaries necessary to achieve and sustain our desired way of life.

There is no one size fits all ‘work-life balance’; it is as unique to each of us as our shoe size.  Leading and executing our personal work-life balance requires visioning, planning and the courage to stand up for our values and needs.  Once achieved, work-life balance provides the freedom to live more calm and fulfilled lives.

Adam’s customized and action-oriented keynote teaches participants to:

  1. Identify their top work priorities, and focus on these essential tasks daily to reduce distraction and ensure that work is complete within determined work hours. Tools and strategies provided.
  2. Design and prioritize your personalized balance between work, life and health.
  3. Explore how assertiveness helps us to set boundaries to ensure desired work-life balance is achieved and sustained.
  4. Communicate effectively to convey your new work-life balance to family, friends and colleagues.