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Why Our Fear of Failure Fails Us

We’ve got the balance wrong.

A healthy fear of failure is essential. It reminds us of our accountability and emboldens the threat of consequence. But excessive emphasis on failure can paralyze productivity and stop us from achieving our best work. 

Risk aversion, inner-resistance, self-sabotage, procrastination, anxiety and perfectionism are all signs that we hold an unhealthy fear of failure.

Successful teams and organizations require a healthy relationship with failure. Too much fear – or too little – signals future disaster. Managing your fear of failure effectively allows for individual authenticity and reclaimed confidence. And we need both for sustained success and performance.

It’s time to reframe our fear of failure.

Learn Key Lessons to Empower Drive, Engagement and Growth:

  • How an inaccurate conception of failure cripples engagement, growth and ability
  • How to separate self-worth from past success and failure
  • Differentiate between blameworthy failure and praiseworthy failure
  • Reclaim lost confidence: the action-growth connection
  • Big dreams and small steps can increase your capacity for achievement