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Mental Fitness For Living Well

Keynote and Workshop Offerings

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Our daily habits, routines and mental states are no exception.

Statistics don’t lie. We’re more stressed, overworked, overweight and less healthy than ever before. Yet we get up and repeat our behavioural patterns, regardless of whether they are serving us.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and father of three, Adam has adapted the skills and strategies that propelled him to Olympic Gold to meet the demands of his current pursuits – business, family and community life.  As a lead Champion for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and advocate for mental health and wellness programs, Adam teaches simple, practical and science-based strategies to strengthen mental fitness for day-to-day wellbeing.

Join Adam for a transformational keynote or workshop to explore ways you can take back control of your own health and wellness.  Set and fulfil your personal goals and develop a mental fitness for life.

Participants will leave with practical and actionable habits and strategies to better their personal mental fitness for life.

It’s time to hop off autopilot and reboot. To pause and dedicate time to take a breath, reclaim yourself and reset for the next chapter of your life.

Sample Keynote & Workshop Topic Areas:

All keynotes and workshops are tailored to meet the client’s conference goals and theme. Below are sample topic areas; we work with clients to pick 5-10 topics to include in a keynote or workshop. Both programs are designed with a strong behaviour change focus, and participants should arrive ready to write, reflect and take action.

  • Master Your first hour

  • Harness the Power of five-minute Journaling

  • Create and practice small habits for momentum

  • Experiment with a personal resilience meditation

  • Become your own coach; engage the power of self-talk

  • Prioritize “the 3 things” for a successful day, everyday

  • Stop treating life like an emergency

  • Focus on what you can control and ignore the rest

  • Embrace the mindset: Reflect, learn, grow, let it go.

  • Adopt the motto: debate ideas, not people.

  • Take action or calm down; worry is an excuse for inaction.

  • Plan a “positive habit vacation”

  • Engage mindfulness though practiced cues

  • Master the art of routine reflection

  • Learn the skill of behavioural visioning

  • Nutrition for mental performance: quality in, quality out

  • Build and refine personal mantras that support you

  • Physical movement for mental health: the most underutilized medicine

  • Technology to support your health goals