KreekSpeak Business Solutions

In both our personal and our professional lives, it’s easy to fall back into our daily routines and just get the job done. A status-quo mindset is dangerous if we truly want to achieve peak performance.


In addition to keynote presentations, retreats and workshops, Kreek reserves a few exclusive spaces for one-on-one coaching services. Kreek coaches executives, business owners and CEO’s who would like a boost and a trusted confidant.

Kreek has been in business for over a decade and is well-read. He has visited hundreds of businesses and industries through his consulting and keynote speaking practice. Long-term clients on retainer include leaders from the aerospace, healthcare, nutrition and energy sectors.

KreekSpeak Coaching is offered through online check-ins and regular phone calls scheduled at times convenient for you. When possible Kreek likes to coach his executives in the outdoors. Hiking, cycling and time on the water deepen the coaching relationship and allows for effective growth work to occur.

For more information on our coaching services, please Contact us.

Clients Say:

“Having Adam on my team has allowed me to acquire more power and influence over my leadership team. I have grown both as a man and as an executive, and am grateful for this relationship.”
“In my organization, I cannot be vulnerable. The business is large and the people are competitive. Politics happen, and any weakness you show can be exploited for the advancement of others’ interests. My conversations with Kreek are my secret advantage.”
“I own my business and keep having to work through staffing issues. I’m so glad to have Kreek on my team to talk through my personnel issues. I have tried having these conversations with other employees, but it created a gossipy, toxic environment. I look forward to my weekly dose of KreekSpeak.”