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Management consultant and keynote speaker, Adam Kreek is proud to champion the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and the Don’t Change Much Campaign. Adam works with the CMHF to encourage men to take small steps daily in pursuit of better health.

70% of men’s health problems can be prevented with a healthier lifestyle, yet men’s health is easily pushed aside. Men’s health is often a missing piece in the family health puzzle.

Healthier men make our communities stronger, and our businesses stronger. Adam believes that every father, son and grandfather can be a better man.

The foundation’s goals and efforts align with Adam’s personal commitment to physical and mental health. Adam has noticed that when his personal health fails, his business, his family and his friendships also suffer. Adam recognizes that personal health plays a key role in goal achievement and long-term fulfillment.

So, what is Adam’s favourite men’s health tip?

“Help someone. By helping someone, you get out of your own way. The number one cure for mild depression and de-motivation is to give back. Bigs from Big Brothers and Sisters are happier. Business mentors are happier. Volunteer coaches are happier. Do it!”

This is just one of many ideas on the Don’t Change Much website.

Small changes add up.

Adam delivers authentic keynote speeches, workshops, retreats and coaching for corporate, government and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. Please contact us for information about our offerings.

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