What are your Gold Medal Values?

August 13 1pm PST

20 mins presentation / 20 mins Q&A

Cost: $20 ($48)

Proceeds donated to the United Way

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In this online presentation with leading author, executive business coach and Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek, you will learn how values underscore everything, and why they are a fundamental tool for finding flow in our career, personal lives, organization, political alignments and broader society.

Adam will offer a 40,000 foot view on the following:

  • Why values are valuable to the individual and the organization?
  • Why do some people and organizations not live their values?
  • How to uncover your personal values and put them to work within your team and organization.
  • What’s the difference between principles and values?

Those who attend will be entered into a drawing to receive Adam’s book, The Responsibility Ethic.

Who Should Attend:

Mid-level and senior management who experience the following problems:

  • You’re feeling too uncomfortable
  • There’s information overload
  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working
  • No one has given you a clear plan
  • You’re leaving growth up to chance
  • The team isn’t working the way you’d like