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The Values-driven Achievement one-on-one and team custom Executive Business Coaching program combines behavioural tools and techniques to help clients achieve identified goals, enhance professional performance and better personal well-being.

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Adam’s Program

Adam’s one-on-one custom Executive Business Coaching program combines behavioural techniques and methods to help clients achieve identified goals while improving both professional performance and personal wellbeing.  

You will be led through a process that will help you marshall your thoughts, clarify your strategy and lead from a place of power.

Coaching is solutions-oriented, with a focus on behaviour change; performance, achievement and fulfillment are a direct result of actions taken.  

Clients become more:

  • Skilled
  • Self-aware 
  • Purpose-driven 
  • Insightful 
  • Able to self-regulate 
  • Goal-oriented  
  • Accomplished
  • Confident

As a result, client organizations benefit from increased employee effectiveness, skill and accomplishment.  Executive Coaching Benefits extend beyond the client, to team members, entire organizations and personal relationships.


The average length of Adam’s coaching relationship is 7-12 months.  During this time frame, short term goals are achievement, while new behavioural tools and techniques are adopted, practiced and ingrained to allow for consistent and future achievement.  Barriers and blocking points are addressed, mapping a path to overcome future challenges.

Adam’s Custom, Tailored Executive Coaching:

  • Develops the skills, strategies and behaviours required of high performers 
  • Provides routine, solution-oriented self-reflection and self-development
  • Enhances awareness, insight and self-regulation 
  • Consistent, solutions focus on goal achievement.
  • Offers an experienced sounding board for strategic decision making and managing interpersonal dynamics
  • Identify and address derailing behaviour. 
  • Provides a holistic focus on work-life-self, necessary for sustained achievement and fulfillment.
  • Improves management performance
  • Facilitates career advancement and transitions
  • Identifies and drives accountability for necessary downtime required to maximize performance. (Experience large gains in performance and attainment with strategic incorporation of rest and downtime activities). 

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Past KreakSpeak coaching clients have achieved the following results:

  • Transitioned from a shrinking business in the red, to achieve profitability and annual revenue between 20% and 30% each year
  • Planned and executed a successful transition out of current senior leadership role and organization into a more desirable position while ensuring a positive legacy
  • Acquired a new $40M facility and consolidated operations to achieve greater EBITA, and achieve goals set by the multi-national parent company
  • Strengthened communication skill set, and increased assertiveness tool kit to exert more influence upon the organization
  • Increased sales, over achieved on yearly targets, won performance award and boosted sales-team chemistry
  • After receiving extreme demands from the board, worked through a leadership team mutiny to achieve high engagement and results
  • Effectively transitioned into a new leadership role, while navigating corporate politics
  • Achieved a better title, better compensation and more influence on their organization
  • Found greater alignment between work, life and self




Clients Say:

“Having Adam on my team has allowed me to acquire more power and influence over my leadership team. I have grown both as a person and as an executive, and am grateful for this relationship. Plus, I’m earning more respect from my team, and taking home more pay!”

“I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I was in a leadership position and knew I had earned my title. Yet, I felt anxious and overwhelmed. Working with Kreek was the support I needed. It did not take much to keep me on track. It’s a check-in that I look forward to every month.”

“I was hesitant to get started with executive coaching. I had no time. I didn’t see the point. I was confused about why my staff was not hearing what I said. Yet, my boss mandated that I engage with a coach. I needed to prove this at my next performance review. Our coaching conversations helped me to marshall my thoughts. I knew what to do; I just wasn’t doing it. Now, I am seeing results and understand why executive coaching is so useful”

“In my organization, I cannot be vulnerable. The business is large and the people are competitive. Politics happen, and any weakness you show can be exploited for the advancement of others’ interests. My conversations with Kreek are my secret advantage.”

“I own my business and keep having to work through staffing issues. I’m so glad to have Kreek on my team to talk through my personnel issues. I have tried having these conversations with other employees, but it created a gossipy, toxic environment. I look forward to my weekly dose of KreekSpeak.”


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