Executive Business Coaching

My service focuses on working professionals who are progressing quickly into the next stage of their careers and recognize the benefits of regular, executive coaching to continue their success and ensure their legacy.

You will expedite your professional development and build an accountability partnership that boosts your productivity, results and job satisfaction.

My coaching has been shown to:

  • Increase achievement, job satisfaction and income
  • Expand influence in the organization
  • Grow leadership skills
  • Boost management effectiveness
  • Heighten self-awareness
  • Amplify fitness, diet and health outcomes
  • Elevate mood and enhance energy

We start with a discovery call where we uncover personality, job description, goals, challenges and personal values, then decide upon the scope of our coaching relationship.

I can meet once a month, twice a month, or every week. My fees range from $500 a month to $2,000 per month with a minimum 9-month commitment. 

Does this fit within your budget for professional development? 

If so, please contact us. One of us will work with you to set up an introductory phone call to see if you and I are a good fit.

Before the first call, I will send you a psychometric test to fill out, and on the first call, I will outline an exercise that helps align work, life and personal priorities to maximize career effectiveness.