Event Booking

Each event you book is fully customized to the needs of your conference, gathering or executive retreat. Favourite topics are:

  • Shared Leadership and Teamwork
  • Safety
  • Self-Leadership for Sales
  • Change Management
  • Work-Life-Self Balance
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

You will see over a dozen case studies in the downloadable event information package below. I have been speaking, training and running workshops since 2008, and enjoy the process of customizing my events to your needs.

My firm’s fees range from $10,000 to $25,000 plus travel expenses to book my services for a one-day event. Reduced pricing is available for multiple-day events, or repeat events in multiple locations.

Does this fit within your events budget?

Please reach out directly to Rebecca Sterritt or one of our bureau partners for more information on booking my services for your next event. 


(250) 382-4991

motivational speaker
Interactive. Engaging. Inspiring.

Eleven reasons our clients love working with Adam

Adam has been described as “Extremely engaging, energetic and interactive”, “genuine” and “the real deal”. He has become a favourite among meeting and event planners, and a trusted partner for our speaker bureau and corporate executives for these reasons:

  1. His team at Kreekspeak Business Solutions is available 24/7 to answer questions, facilitate planning, support logistics and work in collaboration to ensure success at your event.
  2. Adam arrives on time and prepared. As a former Olympic Gold Medalist, his profession is a practice of excellence. Adam invests heavily in research and curriculum design to ensure our content is both relevant and actionable.
  3. Every audience member has the chance to touch and hold Kreek’s Olympic gold medal, while prompted to imagine their next Gold Medal Moment.
  4. Adam brings grounded energy. His purpose is to better individuals and boost organizational cultures. Both his skill and commitment are evident the moment he steps onto the stage.
  5. Adam delivers customized keynotes for your audience. He specializes in tailoring his keynotes to the unique needs, challenges and opportunities of each organization. Get ready for an interactive, multi-media live event experience.
  6. Adam is a powerful storyteller, with a remarkable background. He understands that participants need to be emotionally engaged and inspired to commit to meaningful change and take immediate action.
  7. Adam walks the talk and shows up humble, confident and eager to serve. His professional values at Kreekspeak Business Solutions are: 
    1. Leave a generous impact
    2. Love a challenge
    3. Pursue excellence 
  8. Adam offers a free conference fitness program to engage presentation attendees and promote a wellness culture at the conference.
  9. Adam’s keynote is just the beginning. Adam blogs regularly and is active on social so every audience member can stay connected and continue to grow.
  10. The keynote is actionable. Each presentation Adam delivers is grounded in action that audience members can use immediately.  
  11. The most important minute of a meeting is the minute after the meeting ends – when business begins again. Adam helps participants decide, commit and prepare to take action now!

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