Canadian Wildlife Federation Africa To The America’s Expedition

In Adam’s role as a representative for the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s (CWF) Sail for Wildlife Program, he encourages conservation of marine wildlife and habitat across Canada.  Adam has partnered with the CWF and Ocean Adventure, Rowing & Education (OAR Northwest) to launch the CWF Africa to the Americas 2012 expedition, a human powered rowing adventure spanning 60-100 days and an ocean’s breadth between Senegal and Miami.

Departing from Dakar, Senegal in early December 2012, Adam and three teammates will row the open ocean self-supported,in a 29 foot rowboat, 24 hours per day, and in two-hour shifts.  The team will gather data from the ocean environment, marine life and themselves (relating to responses in human physiology under stress).

Through free web-based tracking and an adventure learning curriculum found at, students and adults alike will virtually join the rowers every oar stroke of the way. Students enrolled in the fee-based program for schools in Washington and British Columbia will meet expedition team members, learn marine and maritime studies and practice analyzing sleep study data.

“The OAR Northwest expeditions will draw attention to the health of marine ecosystems and re-connect the public with the outdoors, water sports and conservation. It’s an exciting course, with an ocean of possibilities for water education and engagement,” saidWade Luzny, CEO-Executive Vice President of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

This ocean-crossing demands that Adam’s team demonstrate expertise in meteorology, navigation, nutrition, oceanography, technology, shipboard and oceanic emergencies, expedition planning, sport medicine, interpersonal communication, leadership and, of course, perseverance.

The goal of the adventure is to raise awareness of the importance of marine ecosystems and wildlife and to encourage individuals to get outdoors and experience their natural spaces.  Adam and the CWF share the believe that the more time individuals of all ages spend outdoors, the more likely they will be to engage in conservation behaviours.

For more information about Adam’s cross Atlantic expedition, please contact us.