Sleep can be secret weapon to gain competitive edge

Weekly sleep average more important than daily number By Adam Kreek, CBC Sports  Dec 08, 2015 4:27 PM ET One of the keys to overcoming challenges I’ve faced — rowing across the Atlantic, raising two young children, overcoming an addiction to Dragon’s Den — has been some well-planned shut-eye. As an Olympic rower, I knew that quality sleep would help me … Continued

Adam Gets Serious About Standing Up, CBC Sports Column

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? In his CBC Sports column, Adam discusses his top tips to better health in a desk bound world. Read his latest column here: CBC Sports, November 19th, 2015 – Adam Kreek Adam is a Champion for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation. He’s a big fan of … Continued

Take Responsibility – Oprah Winfrey Quote

I’ll admit, I have a love/hate reaction when I consume Oprah’s work. I find her celebrity at times trumps her message and distracts me from engaging with her media conglomerate’s content. Her influence, however, has been truly remarkable. She has empowered so many to live better lives. Ultimately I believe in her authenticity and her … Continued

4 Steps to Use Failure as Your Stepping Stone

KreekSpeak Mental Toughness Tip: Are You Letting Go? We’re often told to “let it go”. Bad relationships. Toxic people. Negative feelings. Mistakes. Failure. But how do we actually practice ‘letting go’?   I’m no stranger to failure in my personal, athletic and professional life. I even did a TEDx talk on the power of non-attainment … Continued

The Russian Doping Scandal. What are your thoughts?

Adam shares his thoughts with CBC Sports on recent findings released on Monday in Geneva, allegations of widespread doping and deception involving Russian track and field athletes. Adam Kreek, CBC Sports: Full article

5 Steps to Strengthening your Team

Not innovation. Not finance. Not strategy. In a disruptive marketplace, it’s teamwork that will give you and your organization the advantage. Why? Because excellent teamwork is incredibly rare. In a world of disruptive technologies and business models, excellent teamwork sets your team apart from competitors by empowering both ambition and engagement. Envy, mistrust, sabotage and … Continued

The Key to Success in a Disruptive Marketplace? A Powerhouse Team

With the NBA season ready to kick into gear, I thought that I would post a quote from one of the sport’s most successful coaches. It’s no surprise that Phil Jackson delivered the above quote on teamwork. By ensuring a culture of engagement, Phil found regular and repeated success as a player, coach and executive. … Continued

Focus on What You Can Control

Insights from a concentration camp If you haven’t read Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search For Meaning”, you should. Frankl, a trained psychiatrist, writes about the psychology of imprisonment in a Nazi death camp during the second world war. He describes how he found beauty in the most horrid of circumstances. The most memorable part of … Continued

How Do you Manage Your Stress?

What’s your relationship to Stress? Hans Selye was the man who coined the term “stress”. Most languages have now accepted his concept of stress into the lexicon of most languages. Selye was born in Vienna and raised in Komarno, Slovakia which at that time belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. He later conducted most of his … Continued