Does Your Work Ever Feel Meaningless?

Find Purpose Does your job feel meaningless? Have you ever wondered why you are doing it? I have endured the same challenge, both as a rower and as a management consultant and executive coach. My crises of purpose were fueled by early successes, followed by the realization that bigger success would take exponentially more work … Continued

How Personality Indexing Increases Team Performance and Results

Have you noticed different motivational strategies are effective at inspiring some team members into action but, have little to no impact on others? For example, Susan in accounting may be motivated by the recognition she receives from a small award that symbolizes her accomplishment, whereas Rasheed in research, may increase his productivity if more time … Continued

Transform the Gift of Stress Into Positive Action

How do you view stress in your life? Is it something that you avoid and fear? Or, do you harness stress’ powerful energy to be the momentum that drives your performance energy? Today, we show you how to manage your stress and turn nervous energy shocks into positive action. Exposure to stress is unavoidable. Yet, … Continued

4 Essential Pillars to Build an Environment Primed for Business Growth

You can grow a business that inspires team members to actively drive your vision forward. Howard Schulz, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington are just three examples of people who led their teams to greatness. However, and not surprisingly, creating an ideal environment primed for business growth will not happen by accident. Nor will it happen overnight. … Continued

Sharks, Pirates, Pareto and Risk

How Sharks, Pirates and Pareto can help to manage risk in the face of change Your organization is in the midst of change. A merger? Acquisition? Downturn? Disruption? Yet, you are someone who makes it happen. You are not someone who stands idly by to let change roll on top of you. Here is a … Continued

Seek Failure Rowing Machine Workout

What is conscious failure and how can it help you?  The following physical exercise will grow your body, mind and spirit. This rowing machine workout builds your anaerobic capacity, increases your lactic threshold, boosts your oxygen-carrying capacity, boosts mitochondrial density, increases capillary density, allows your muscles to hold more glycogen, burns off excess stress hormones … Continued

17 Things I’ve Learned After 18 Years of Motivational Speaking

If you are a leader or a manager (or both), these insights will help you move people in a healthier, more productive direction. If you are building your public speaking tool kit, these points will help you, too. After over 11,000 hours of practice, training and execution, this is what I’ve learned from my career … Continued

Strategic Deployment

    What can Japanese efficiency teach us about turning vision into action? How do we direct an organization to achieve more worthwhile goals? You can be highly productive at the wrong things, and where will that bring you? Hoshin Kanri is a step by step planning method used to ensure that the different functional … Continued

What is the Locus of Control?

When something goes wrong, it’s natural to cast blame on the perceived cause of the misfortune. An individual can cast that blame internally or externally. This is related to a psychological construct known as the locus of control. Locus of control refers to the degree to which an individual feels that a sense of agency … Continued

Event Booking

Each event you book is fully customized to the needs of your conference, gathering or executive retreat. Favourite topics are: Shared Leadership and Teamwork Safety Self-Leadership for Sales Change Management Work-Life-Self Balance Strategic Planning and Goal Setting You will see over a dozen case studies in the downloadable event information package below. I have been … Continued