The Kreek Way – A Rowing Journey

Two days – and the decisions they contain – have the utmost meaning in a competitive athlete’s life. First is the day you commit and give up everything to pursue your sport. The second day is when you finally end your path of elite athletics. As I reflect upon my sporting career, one lesson stands … Continued

Motivational Interviewing Works Best for Executive Leaders when you use all 4 OARS

Why is it necessary to develop skills to lead people through change? Shouldn’t people naturally change on their own when they see change is needed? Often, as leaders and managers, we will give advice expecting our colleagues to change. Yet, we can see that the prescriptive method doesn’t work that well. Motivational interviewing is an effective way … Continued

Does Your Work Ever Feel Meaningless?

Find Purpose Does your job feel meaningless? Have you ever wondered why you are doing it? I have endured the same challenge, both as a rower and as a management consultant and executive coach. My crises of purpose were fueled by early successes, followed by the realization that bigger success would take exponentially more work … Continued

How Can Personality Indexing Increase Measurable Results?

Personality indexing cuts through the static, pushing your leadership team to connect better with their employees and generate more productive results. As an executive coaching tool, personality indexing can increase your team’s performance levels and bring meaningful results. For a clearer understanding of personality testing and how it can boost your enterprise’s value, keep reading. … Continued

Transform the Gift of Stress Into Positive Action

How do you view stress in your life? Is it something that you avoid and fear? Or, do you harness stress’ powerful energy to be the momentum that drives your performance energy? Today, we show you how to manage your stress and turn nervous energy shocks into positive action. Exposure to stress is unavoidable. Yet, … Continued

4 Essential Pillars to Build an Environment Primed for Business Growth

You can grow a business that inspires team members to actively drive your vision forward. Howard Schulz, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington are just three examples of people who led their teams to greatness. However, and not surprisingly, creating an ideal environment primed for business growth will not happen by accident. Nor will it happen overnight. … Continued

Sharks, Pirates, Pareto and Risk

How Sharks, Pirates and Pareto can help to manage risk in the face of change Your organization is in the midst of change. A merger? Acquisition? Downturn? Disruption? Yet, you are someone who makes it happen. You are not someone who stands idly by to let change roll on top of you. Here is a … Continued

Seek Failure Rowing Machine Workout

What is conscious failure and how can it help you?  The following physical exercise will grow your body, mind and spirit. This rowing machine workout builds your anaerobic capacity, increases your lactic threshold, boosts your oxygen-carrying capacity, boosts mitochondrial density, increases capillary density, allows your muscles to hold more glycogen, burns off excess stress hormones … Continued