17 Things I’ve Learned After 18 Years of Motivational Speaking

If you are a leader or a manager (or both), these insights will help you move people in a healthier, more productive direction. If you are building your public speaking tool kit, these points will help you, too. After over 11,000 hours of practice, training and execution, this is what I’ve learned from my career … Continued

The Responsibility Ethic: BC Business Best Seller List

The Responsibility Ethic made the BC Business Best Seller list for the 3rd week running. Thank you BC Business! I’m on a mission to help individuals take responsibility for their self-leadership and personal and professional goals, and as a result, drive team and organization’s success.    I train teams at organizations across the globe, and offer … Continued

Attaining Through Unattainment

A joy and a pleasure to talk about failure, unattainment and the path to living in a high-performance divine flow. What is the spiritual side of high performance? Good luck with Omni Athletes, Josh! Find the show notes below. Today’s guest is a master of two seemingly competing ideas; achieving on the world’s highest stage … Continued

Train for Energy

What a thrill to chat with Brad Wilson about keeping the energy high, the dangers of drinking absinthe in the Alps, and how a strong body builds a strong mind. Listen to our conversation at the link below, or read the show notes. Read more about keeping the energy high on my blog. Keep inching! … Continued

What’s in the Bag of Olympic Gold Medal Rower Adam Kreek?

I met with Jacinthe Dupuis from Air Canada’s en Route Magazine just before heading to Brazil to join the CBC’s Olympic coverage team for the 2016 Rio Olympics. She asked me some great questions about my travel routines, reproduced below. Olympic gold medal rower Adam Kreek has seen the Games from the top of the … Continued

‘The Bump’ hasn’t knocked race walker Evan Dunfee off course

“The Bump” has become the defining moment of Evan Dunfee’s career, and the 26-year-old race walker from Richmond, B.C., is still coming to terms with its significance. Two months later, I’m curious to see what the rest of us can learn from his personal reflections.

Adam and his Family Take On One Year Without Sugar

Beginning on November 1st, 2015, Adam and his family launched a project, “One Year Without”, living One Year without sugar and processed foods. The goal of their project is to raise awareness about how sugar impacts our health, and in particular the health of children; as well, Adam’s family hopes that the lessons they learn … Continued

Proud To Champion The Trans Canada Trail

I’m thrilled to Champion the Trans Canada Trail in 2016. Once complete, the multi-use trail will stretch nearly 24,000 kms from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans, through every province and territory and connect 1,000 Canadian communities.  This project began in 1992, and is on target to be completed in 2017 for … Continued

Adam Gets Serious About Standing Up, CBC Sports Column

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? In his CBC Sports column, Adam discusses his top tips to better health in a desk bound world. Read his latest column here: CBC Sports, November 19th, 2015 – Adam Kreek Adam is a Champion for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation. He’s a big fan of … Continued

The Russian Doping Scandal. What are your thoughts?

Adam shares his thoughts with CBC Sports on recent findings released on Monday in Geneva, allegations of widespread doping and deception involving Russian track and field athletes. Adam Kreek, CBC Sports: Full article Other popular blog posts: How to set your Personal Vision and Purpose Read this How Can Personality Indexing Increase Measurable Results? Read … Continued