Reinvent your Listening Skills to Improve Communication

Listening skills can make or break your team, your company, your marriage. Do you have the patience to really listen? When we listen we hear words. We also see body language, and hear the pitch of voice. A mis-directed vocal tone, or some poor gestures can block what really needs to be communicated. Guard against … Continued

The Power of Human Power

Human power is underrated. It contrasts against other energy systems where energy used means less energy in the bank. In the human energy system, you gain more energy by using your energy. Think of exercise.


Refugee crisis leaves mark on Rio Olympics

My mixed feelings post-Rio left me searching for hope. Is the Olympic movement doing anything right? Is there hope for the social aims of the Games? We all bought into the pre-games criticism. Fears of Zika, political meltdowns, social oppression and security issues kept too many of us away from Brazil. These same fears also … Continued

Harness the Power of Loneliness

loneliness |ˈloʊnlin1s| A complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation or lack of companionship How do you handle your feelings of loneliness? I was reminded of the power of loneliness when I once picked up a hitchhiker in northern Saskatchewan. After weeks of solo travel, I was driving on a snowy highway through the bleak … Continued

Power words propel Canadian rowers to silver

When you have a moment that counts, can you boil everything down to one or two words? It’s a strategy that worked for our Silver Medal winning Lightweight Women’s Double, Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee of Victoria, BC.  “It truly was all we had. I pretty much petered out for the last two strokes,” said … Continued

Thoughts on Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety – sīkəˈläjəkəl ˈsāftē Psychological safety is the most studied enabling condition in group dynamics and team learning research.  Psychological safety is a shared feeling of safety, experienced by each team member.  In psychologically safe teams, team members feel accepted and respected. In Project Aristotle, Google found this quality to be of most importance in high-functioning … Continued

Olympic moments will leave big impact on community in Rio favelas

I wanted to get outside the fence and ended up watching the opening ceremony in the Vidigal Favela. I was looking for a rawer view of the Olympics and wondered how deep into the favelas the Olympic movement would reach. We arrived at the community celebration in our VW taxi van. A few girls were practicing their … Continued

Olympic Professionals: Find your grit, Be a Pro

Amateur ˈ|amətər| A person who engages in a particular activity simply for the love of it, and is not paid for their work. – Professional |prəˈfeSHənl| A person who is competent and skilled in a particular activity, and is paid for their work.   Are you a Professional? When the modern Olympic Games were founded … Continued

Goals that Boost Well-being and Productivity

Toxic – ˈtäksik Poisonous. Relating to or caused by poison. Very bad, unpleasant, or harmful. In finance, denoting debt that has a high risk of default ORIGIN: Greek: toxikon (poison for arrows) from toxon (bow) Are your 2016 goals toxic? Of all places, it was a yoga workshop. Maybe the scene shouldn’t surprise me. Many Yogis … Continued

Why Curt Harnett believes volunteering is key to success

When I asked the celebrated track cyclist what he planned to do after volunteering as chef de mission for the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games, his answer revealed what many pee-wee hockey coaches, board members and charity event organizers already know. “Protect my lifestyle!” he replied with a smile. He was noticeably exhausted, and he swore … Continued