Separate Fact From Feeling

When debriefing post success or failure, are you separating your feelings from facts? One of the biggest mistakes we can make while reflecting upon past events is to justify our feelings with emotional reasoning. Just because you feel something, does not make it true. Or, just because something is true, doesn’t mean that your feelings … Continued

The Dangers of Toxic Goal Setting

As sports fans, we often celebrate athletes and admire them for their beauty, fame and wealth. But in my experience, I’ve come to know beauty, fame and wealth as toxic goals. These toxic three don’t drive the most successful sports figures. Rather, our heroes’ external success is more often the result of deep athlete-coach relationships and a … Continued

It’s Important to Remember that Learning Never Stops

Learning never stops. The best people have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Satya is an insatiable learner and he leads one of the best companies in the world. Be like Satya.   – Send Adam Kreek a message on Twitter @adamkreek. You can also find more tips to improve your body, mind and soul on … Continued

How Providence Can Change Your Life

Providence can change your life. Here is a quick lesson on how it works: Dream up a big goal Tell key supporters about your big goal Be humble and let go of outcome Act boldly   The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too.  All sorts of things will occur to help  one … Continued

Do you Know the Power of Resiliency?

Resiliency is powerful. It changes the world. Did Nelson Mandela stop when he was arrested for his anti-apartheid politics? Nope.

‘The Bump’ hasn’t knocked race walker Evan Dunfee off course

“The Bump” has become the defining moment of Evan Dunfee’s career, and the 26-year-old race walker from Richmond, B.C., is still coming to terms with its significance. Two months later, I’m curious to see what the rest of us can learn from his personal reflections.

What’s your next Gold Medal Moment?

  What’s your next Gold Medal Moment?  What is that thing you want that is so huge that it scares you? I was scared to set the goal of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. Telling too many people about a ginormous goal can create a crippling level of pressure and expectations.