CLEAR Strategic Planning – and Why SMART Goals Fail

There’s nothing like the thought of throwing yourself in a dingy and rowing 4000 miles across an ocean to clarify your thinking on SMART goals, effective strategic planning and goal attainment. I’d employed SMART goals, taught SMART goals and coached SMART goals for nearly a decade with varying success prior to my expedition, rowing from … Continued

What shared values can do for your organisation

Take a moment to think about the following two questions: What happens when an organization defines itself by its products and results, instead of its underlying competencies and values? What happens when an organization defines itself by its core values and competencies?

Re-energize with a refreshing new approach to goal setting

GOAL | ɡōl | The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result, the destination of a journey   The Opportunity You will spend a day digging into your past to uncover motivation and meaningful goals for the future.  You will leave our day together completely lit up, ready to experience your … Continued

7 inspirational books that can change your life

I get tremendous value and enjoyment from reading and listening to inspirational books. I glean insights and ideas from each author and develop new skills to be a better speaker, management consultant, and trainer. Fun fact: Reading is also a great way for us to reduce stress!

Adopt A Growth Mindset for Success

 Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Are you geared towards learning, discovering, self-betterment, and continuously improving your craft?  Or, do you strive to maintain the appearance of being highly skilled and focus on avoiding failure at all costs?

Physical Health For Mental Performance

Are you taking care of your body? After winning his 5th Super Bowl, a reporter asked Tom Brady if he was now ready to wrap up his career at the ripe age of 39. Brady responded that he doesn’t feel 39; in fact, he feels better at 39 than he did at 25 when his body ached regularly. The … Continued

Journal For Increased Productivity

Do you have a positive journaling habit? A key habit that can help us sustain high productivity is a short, daily journal based upon the tenets of high-performance and positive psychology.

Effective Team Management: The Box of Action

Do you set clear boundaries of deliverables for team members at the outset of a project?   I call this practice ‘setting the box of action’. Define the box, clarify uncertainties, and then let your team members get to work. As long as the box is large, with plenty of room for flexibility, creativity and ownership … Continued

How To Deal Constructively With Criticism

How do you deal with criticism?   When criticised, do you take offence?  Ignore?  Defend? Where most of us dread or avoid criticism, a better option is to choose to welcome it.  View it constructively, as if someone is offering you a gift –  a gift that you can choose to accept or decline. Think of … Continued