Seek Failure Rowing Machine Workout

What is conscious failure and how can it help you?  The following physical exercise will grow your body, mind and spirit. This rowing machine workout builds your anaerobic capacity, increases your lactic threshold, boosts your oxygen-carrying capacity, boosts mitochondrial density, increases capillary density, allows your muscles to hold more glycogen, burns off excess stress hormones … Continued

17 Things I’ve Learned After 18 Years of Motivational Speaking

If you are a leader or a manager (or both), these insights will help you move people in a healthier, more productive direction. If you are building your public speaking tool kit, these points will help you, too. After over 11,000 hours of practice, training and execution, this is what I’ve learned from my career … Continued

The Responsibility Ethic: BC Business Best Seller List

The Responsibility Ethic made the BC Business Best Seller list for the 3rd week running. Thank you BC Business! I’m on a mission to help individuals take responsibility for their self-leadership and personal and professional goals, and as a result, drive team and organization’s success.    I train teams at organizations across the globe, and offer … Continued

Journal For Increased Productivity

Do you have a positive journaling habit? A key habit that can help us sustain high productivity is a short, daily journal based upon the tenets of high-performance and positive psychology.

How Do you Manage Your Stress?

What’s your relationship to Stress? Hans Selye was the man who coined the term “stress”. Most languages have now accepted his concept of stress into the lexicon of most languages. Selye was born in Vienna and raised in Komarno, Slovakia which at that time belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. He later conducted most of his … Continued


Inches: The 7 minute workout

I’m often asked what I do to stay fit now that I’m no longer training for the Olympics or adventure expeditions. My focus has shifted to growing my business ventures, so that I can serve my growing family. In truth, compared to my athletic career, I ‘workout’ quite minimally. Instead I aim to incorporate physical … Continued


Adam answers your questions from the Mid-Atlantic – Video

What has been most challenging on the ocean row to date? Video: Biggest Challenge on the Row Can you provide a video of you rowing? Video: Sample Rowing across the Atlantic I read that you have broken your spare oars – is this true? Video: Broken Oars How vigorously are you rowing?  Is it similar … Continued


How do you exercise in a Hotel Room?

Do 5-20 of each exercise. Hold plank till failure, then rest.  Repeat set up to 3 times. Jumping jack squats Plyometric jump (onto hotel bed/stool) Stool step-up (minus weights on stool in room) Lateral Squats Pushups Pushup side salutations Plank


What is your Favourite Workout when time-crunched?

The 20 Minute Workout: 1)     Pick your favourite cardio exercise:  Running, stairs, hills, elliptical machine, rowing machine, bike, speed walking, etc. 2)     Warm up for 4 minutes at a comfortable but strong pace  (Effort: 7/10) 3)     Sprint for 30 seconds (Effort: 10/10) 4)     Coast for 90 seconds at an easy, slow pace (Effort: 2/10) 5)     … Continued