Back Pain Recovery Strategies

I love being active. When I am away from the desk, the computer, the phone and the conference room, I still dream of adventures into the ocean and up snow-scraped mountains. I exercise regularly because movement keeps me focused, smart and happy. I love the feel of my muscles after a good weight pump, the sublime … Continued

Cluster Benefits

The Clustered Science of Non-Attainment Research tells us that people who set goals are happier and more successful. Professors who set goals earn tenure faster, employees who set goals get larger raises, and students who have goals set for them learn up to 250 percent faster than those who do not. When we are achieving … Continued

Attaining Through Unattainment

A joy and a pleasure to talk about failure, unattainment and the path to living in a high-performance divine flow. What is the spiritual side of high performance? Good luck with Omni Athletes, Josh! Link and show notes below. Podcast Link SHOW NOTES Today’s guest is a master of two seemingly competing ideas; achieving on … Continued

Train for Energy

What a thrill to chat with Brad Wilson about keeping the energy high, the dangers of drinking absinthe in the Alps, and how a strong body builds a strong mind. Listen to our conversation at the link below, or read the show notes. Read more about keeping the energy high on my blog. Keep inching! … Continued

Resilient High Performance

Effective recovery builds a store of energy and determination to power us through our next peak performance. Being resilient opens our hearts to the softer, sweeter and subtler side of life, which can be just as delicious as our achievements. We must work hard to achieve our greatest goals, AND we must also schedule regular … Continued

Gold Medal Safety

An Olympic-sized metaphor and a Bermuda Triangle incident help to keep safety culture fresh “Safety performance is not a priority. Priorities change. Safety is non-negotiable. It’s a core value. Every day we need to eat, sleep, get dressed, work hard, get paid, be safe. We lead safe teams because we care. We build safe cultures … Continued

CLEAR Strategic Planning – and Why SMART Goals Fail

There’s nothing like the thought of throwing yourself in a dingy and rowing 4000 miles across an ocean to clarify your thinking on SMART goals, effective strategic planning and goal attainment. I’d employed SMART goals, taught SMART goals and coached SMART goals for nearly a decade with varying success prior to my expedition, rowing from … Continued

CLEAR goals are better than SMART goals

CLEAR Goals The problem with SMART goals is that they just haven’t kept up with the faster, more-agile environment that most businesses find themselves in today. These new business environments require a new way of setting goals. This problem is why I developed the CLEAR goal-setting methodology.   Whether in your business, career, or life, your goals … Continued

What shared values can do for your organisation

Take a moment to think about the following two questions: What happens when an organization defines itself by its products and results, instead of its underlying competencies and values? What happens when an organization defines itself by its core values and competencies?

Re-energize with a refreshing new approach to goal setting

GOAL | ɡōl | The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result, the destination of a journey   The Opportunity You will spend a day digging into your past to uncover motivation and meaningful goals for the future.  You will leave our day together completely lit up, ready to experience your … Continued