Adam Motivates Next Generation to Achieve Their Potential

Adam was pleased to have the opportunity to attend the Youth Resilience Project’s “I Can” conference as a special guest speaker, where he urged youth to pursue their goals, stay focused and avoid being hindered by presumptions of failure.

He shared two key lessons with the group.  First, to fail successfully.  “Learning how to fail successfully is essentially about not being afraid of failure and knowing that when you do fail, you will grow,” said Kreek.  “Go out there and try something, it will stick or it won’t.  Either way, have proper strategies mapped out to continue moving forward.” Adam taught the students his principled approach to failure: ‘Reflect, Learn, Grow, and Let it Go’.

Adam also emphasized the need to focus only on what you can control.  He explained that most people spend far too much time thinking about matters out of our control.  “Once you focus on what you can control you can reframe your position. People start feeling hopeless when they can’t do anything and that’s when the battle is lost – you can always do something”.  Adam shared his strategies with youth to help them maintain focus in areas within their sphere of control.

Vermilion Standard, September 29th, 2011