4 Essential Pillars to Build an Environment Primed for Business Growth

You can grow a business that inspires team members to actively drive your vision forward. Howard Schulz, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington are just three examples of people who led their teams to greatness. However, and not surprisingly, creating an ideal environment primed for business growth will not happen by accident. Nor will it happen overnight.

How DO YOU make it happen?

It happens with responsibility. It takes commitment. It demands support.

“We must take responsibility for building an environment that pushes us to act effectively. Get a coach. Ask a friend. Seek a mentor. Build a team.” ~The Responsibility Ethic

What are the pillars of your business environment? How do they support your goals? Is your support system producing adequate results, or is it your biggest obstacle?

Let’s take a closer look at the foundation that effective leadership can build.


Get A Coach

The support of a business coach will help you understand your aim and provide a clearer direction. Coaches help guide you to take responsibility for your skills and actions. The best get coached to get better. Athletes have coaches. Opera singers have coaches. Executives have coaches. In business, executive coaching can be the pillar that leads you to hone your strengths and fine-tune your business focus. 

Does your coach have to be a professional? No. 

The right coach for you can be any person you trust who actively elicits your strengths, inspires you to take action, and guides you to be accountable for your actions. Hiring professional executive coaching services is an effective and efficient strategy that delivers proven results. However, if it’s simply not an option, don’t let cost stop you from moving forward.

Alternate options for finding a supportive confidante to guide you are:

  • Join an online motivational community. Social media has several groups dedicated to building each other’s business and management skills.
  • Engage in self-leadership training.

Ask a Friend

In business and in life, the people we surround ourselves with largely determine the ease of which goals are attained. A person who supports your objectives and encourages you to problem-solve – not willingly accept that you’re willing to surrender, is a person who can provide value to the environment you’re building.

Do you have a friend that you can bounce ideas off of and who will provide feedback you trust? Do you have contacts who leave you feeling capable and powerful after collaborating with them? These are the people to keep close at hand. 


When you surround yourself with personalities who are honest and geared towards achieving the same goals as you, the result is a solidification of the foundation of your business.

Seek a Business Mentor

Every industry has a path paved by the insiders who went before us. Experts who took the risks sought the rewards and paid their dues. These are the people who can provide invaluable insight to you and your team. Their insight and experience should be accepted and respected as it can provide you with essential revelations to help empower your business.

Where can you find a business mentor? 

Is there an app for that? Surprisingly enough, Yes, there are software platforms available that can connect you with a business mentor!

However, before you slap down your credit card and sign up for a pricey annual subscription, take a good look at the resources already around you. 

Are you part of a financial community? There’s likely an owner-operator, senior salesperson or fellow financial advisor who you can approach for advice. 

Are you in the direct-marketing industry? Reach out to the top representatives in your area and learn what works best for them. Do a little R&D on their best practices. And by that, I mean Rob & Duplicate.

Explore the contacts in your current network whom you admire and attempt to connect with them. The rewards will be an enrichment of your skills with trustworthy, relevant information that will add value to your business growth strategy.

Build a Team

Success cannot be accomplished without having a strong team at your side. A team, not an individual, wins accolades, awards, and gold medals. The sooner that revelation is understood, the faster you can effectively create a team that will carry each other through the lows and highs of your business challenges.

Bringing a group of people together with varying knowledge, abilities, and skill sets is a good start to build a team to scale your business with, but it’s not the end of your team-building journey. It’s just the beginning.

Building a team takes action by you, the leader. Words may be what brought each of you together, but only consistent and intentional action will turn your qualified professionals into a cohesive team. 

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