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Effective leadership requires distance. The best and most resilient leaders have a few trusted advisors on their team to confide in and elevate performance.

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Interactive, engaging and action oriented, Adam’s custom training will refocus teamwork, raise leadership and foster new perspectives on goal achievement.

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Looking to improve the performance of your teams? Hire Adam to teach practical knowledge, tools and techniques for success.

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Stop wasting your time. Hire someone who knows achievement in both sport and business. An executive business coach and Olympic Gold Medalist, Adam is a top corporate trainer who effectively translates his sporting experiences into leadership epiphanies.

KreekSpeak Blog

Our purpose at KreekSpeak Business Solutions is to energetically deliver unique insights, novel education and grounded coaching to positively impact human and business development around the globe.

We live the following values and incorporate them into everything we do.


We give our full heart to our clients to make the maximum impact on organizational cultures and the individuals that drive organizational success.

This means:

  • Taking the extra time to talk to a client, fan or professional whenever possible
  • Always looking for ways to add more value to clients, events and cultures
  • Reaching out with extra resources, just because it feels like the right thing to do
  • Offering free exercise sessions, and getting moving with coaching clients

Loving a

We look for growth in the hard places. We are no strangers to hard work, perseverance and grit. We give the extra effort to get the job done on time, on budget, zero harm.

This means:

  • Our first response to any creative idea is, “Yes. Let’s explore this more.”
  • Experimenting regularly and trying new ideas and techniques
  • Welcoming the satisfying exhaustion that comes from delivering good service with good ethics and good values
  • Looking for the right ways to inspire interactivity during presentations

Pursuing Excellence

Being great is not a destination, but a continuous habit and discipline. We look to get better and be better every day in every way.

This means:

  • Regularly looking for ways to increase administrative competence and productivity
  • Finding great clients that inspire our best work
  • Building a support system outside of our regular business network that supports our organizational goals
  • Enduring bad days and bad weeks and learning from failure to make future days and weeks better