Adopt A Growth Mindset for Success

 Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?

Are you geared towards learning, discovering, self-betterment, and continuously improving your craft?  Or, do you strive to maintain the appearance of being highly skilled and focus on avoiding failure at all costs?

If you’re overly concerned about how you appear to others and believe that intelligence and character are inherent and unchangeable, you have a fixed mindset. With a fixed mindset, you’re inclined to stay within your comfort zone, stick with the same job and surround yourself with a set group of people, whether you enjoy their company or not. You dodge failure at all costs to maintain the sense of feeling smart or skilled. Maintaining your image is highly important to you.

A growth mindset is different. With a growth mindset, you thrive on challenge. You see failure as a launching pad for growth and expanding your abilities. You aren’t concerned about intelligence because you know that with continual effort and growth, you will grow your capacity for success. How others view you is unimportant. You surround yourself with others who can help you achieve your goals, and you’re willing to put in the work necessary for self-betterment.

How is your current mindset serving you?

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