Separate Fact From Feeling

When debriefing post success or failure, are you separating your feelings from facts?

One of the biggest mistakes we can make while reflecting upon past events is to justify our feelings with emotional reasoning.

Just because you feel something, does not make it true. Or, just because something is true, doesn’t mean that your feelings will always align to support the facts.

An effective debrief will separate the facts of a situation from the feelings of a situation. Making sure that both facts and feelings are expressed and acknowledged helps us to debrief accurately from success or failure, and move forward productively to tackle the next project.  Both feelings and facts are important, but they are often intertwined and if not separated, leave us confused and vulnerable to misunderstandings and repeat mistakes.

Your emotions are a powerful guide, but they are not to be trusted 100% of the time. Do not try to reason with your emotions. Use your brain to find a reason based in fact. Use your emotions to guide your search.

Remember the dangerous cognitive distortion – emotional reasoning.

Are you expressing your feelings and the facts separately and effectively?

You can control how you react to your feelings.  Read more about focusing on what you can control.

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